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PIM toolkit

These documents provide practical suggestions with respect to records maintenance and privacy issues and make reference to portions of applicable legislation including the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.M.56; Personal Health Information Protection Act, S.O. 2004, c.3, Sched. A; and the Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.E.2.

They are intended for use by Ontario School Boards for non-profit educational purposes only and may be used in their entirety subject to the following conditions: (1) modifications are to support Ontario school board privacy and information management practices; (2) duplication is for an educational or implementation purpose in a not-for-profit institution; (3) copies are made available without charge beyond the cost of reproduction; and (4) the PIM Taskforce is acknowledged.

Information contained in these documents is for general reference purposes and should not be construed as legal advice. Boards should consult with their own legal counsel for the purposes of interpretation, modification or implementation.

The taskforce accepts no responsibility for the implementation, modification or proliferation of the documents.

Full Version

  PIM toolkit, full version   
  PDF 4.4MB

Welcome and Preface

  PIM Welcome  PDF 44kb

  PIM Preface  PDF 144kb

PIM Thank You...
PIM owes a debt of gratitude to our legal counsel, Scott Williams (Hicks Morley) and Nadya Tymochenko (Keel Cottrelle), for their wise counsel, legal expertise and tremendous partnership at no cost to the taskforce. They have contributed an incredible number of hours to the toolkit and their knowledge and understanding of the business of school boards and culture has been instrumental in helping us to honour our guiding principles.

Taskforce and Workgroup Members

Taskforce Members

Workgroup Members for the PIM toolkit

Individual Sections

1. Self-Assessment Section

Guidelines for the Stage of Implementation Self-Assessment Activity

PDF 113kb | Word 376kb* 

PIM Program Self-Assessment Activity

PDF 191kb | Word 437kb* 

Privacy Awareness Checklist

PDF 199kb | Word 484kb* 

Privacy Standard Assessment Activity

PDF 152kb | Word 432kb* 

2. Foundation Section

Privacy Standard

PDF 378kb | Word 496kb* 

Record and Information Management Framework for Ontario School Boards/Authorities

PDF 222kb | Word 426kb* 

3. Data and Information Management Section

Considerations for the Use of Electronic Records in Place of Paper

PDF 200kb | Word 744kb* 

Model of a Records and Information Management Policy

PDF 123kb | Word 752kb* 

Guidelines for the Selection of an Electronic Documents and Records Management System

PDF 374kb | Word 774kb* 

Guidelines for Using the Access Matrix

PDF 308kb | Word 786kb* 

Guideline on the Model Classification Scheme and Retention Schedule

PDF 200kb | Word 771kb* 

Tables of Laws and Citations with Records Retention Requirements for School Boards

PDF 463kb | Word 985kb* 

Model Classification and Retention Scheme for School Boards/Authorities

PDF 1.6MB | Word 1.2MB* 

Subject List for the Model Classification Scheme and Retention Schedule for School Boards/Authorities

PDF 540kb | Word 1.1MB* 

Guidelines to Consider when Drafting Privacy Policies

PDF 127kb | Word 752kb* 

Privacy Policy Template

PDF 156kb | Word 407kb* 

Access Matrix

Excel 58kb  

4. Information Protection/Operational Control Section

Guidelines for Cross-Panel Sharing of Student Information

PDF 195kb | Word 1.1MB* 

Guidelines for Identifying and Managing Confidential Information

PDF 177kb | Word 1.1MBkb* 

Guidelines for Password Procedures

PDF 142kb | Word 801kb* 

Guidelines for Securing Mobile Devices

PDF 167kb | Word 800kb* 

Guidelines for Working Outside the Office or School

PDF 140kb | Word 794kb* 

Information Technology Equipment Hardware Disposal and Redistribution Guidelines

PDF 178kb | Word 802kb* 

School Board/Authority Website Guidelines

PDF 342kb | Word 847kb* 

Technical Guidelines for Data Encryption

PDF 171kb | Word 815kb* 

Video Surveillance Guidelines

PDF 194kb | Word 872kb* 

Videoconferencing Privacy and Security Guidelines

PDF 171kb | Word 803kb* 

Model Video Conferencing Agreements

PDF 164kb | Word 418kb* 

Third-Party Privacy Agreements for Outsourced Services

PDF 461kb | Word 844kb* 

5. Risk Management Section

Guidelines for Determining What Records Need to Be Retained

PDF 197kb | Word 760kb* 

Guidelines to Developing Privacy Notification Statements

PDF 253kb | Word 875kb* 

Privacy Breach Protocol

PDF 193kb | Word 812kb* 

Appendix A: Responding to a Suspected Privacy Breach

PDF 40kb 

Appendix B: FOI Coordinator Privacy Breach Checklist

PDF 124kb | Word 444kb* 

Privacy Impact Assessment Guidelines for Ontario School Boards/Authorities

PDF 233kb | Word 855kb* 

Appendix A: Privacy Impact Assessment Compliance Checklist

PDF 100kb | Word 100kb* 

Appendix B: Privacy Impact Assessment Comprehensive Assessment

PDF 123kb | Word 579kb* 

Appendix C: Privacy Impact Assessment Report

PDF 125kb | Word 444kb* 

6. Communication Section


PDF 190kb | Word 561kb* 


PDF 159kb

* We recommend the PDF files for general use and printing. Use the Word files if you require cut and paste functionality to adapt the toolkit for use in your own classroom.